Damon Willis

VP Sales

Damon's 20+ years in sales and executive level management have allowed him to lead teams and create systems contributing to over half a billion in revenue. His mantra is to "develop extraordinary people and pair them with extraordinary systems", creating a legacy of helping others activate the best within themselves. At Growth he oversees all elements of student enrollment and transformation.

Cary Inouye

VP Operations

Cary has over 25 years in operations, executive team management, marketing, and international sales and supply chain management, including work at one of Tokyo Stock Exchange's Section 1 firms. At Growth he leads the executive team in pursuit of excellence in process implementation, improvement and controls. 



Growth's leadership team represents over 190 years of combined experience.

Ethan Willis, CEO

Ethan has been recognized as winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Ernst and Young, 40 under 40, and as a Top 100 Venture-Backed Entrepreneur by Vspring Capital. Ethan’s work in the field of business growth has been published in TIME, Business Week, USA Today, and Fox News. For over 20 years Ethan has pioneered and lead the coaching industry. 

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Lauren Jawno

Coaching Director

Lauren's 20+ years as an international coach includes Post-Graduate Certification in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Master Trainer in Personality Assessment, and Certified High Performance Coach. Her leadership and training at Growth has lead our elite team of coaches to world class status, delivering over 70,000 one-on-one sessions with an avg satisfaction rating of 9.7 out of 10.

Jason Beebe

IT Director

Jason has over 20 years experience developing custom platforms for some of the worlds leading influencers, covering all aspects of their operations, including sales, marketing, digital fulfillment, finance, quality assurance and business performance reporting. His unique combination of systems development and  business acumen makes him a key partner and support to the entire Growth team.

Michele Martin

Marketing Director

Michele has over 10 years of experience in marketing and funnel management, influencer and talent relationship management, and client experience and event management.  At Growth she is passionate about ensuring that our partners and clients have an excellent experience with Growth from messaging to fulfillment, whether it's interfacing with us online or at our Growth Summit, Mastermind or virtual events.

Lisa Romero

HR Director

Lisa's 12 years of experience in recruiting and human resources management is instrumental in ensuring the caliber of Growth's #1 asset, Amazing People. Her expertise in talent acquisition, employee communication, wellness and safety, and benefits management ensures our commitment to a culture of excellence. She loves to make sure that we have fun and know that every team member is cared for.

Bryan Baker


Bryan, a Summa Cum Laude Graduate with a Master's in Accounting and Finance, brings 18 years of experience in directing and leading teams in all aspects of accounting, financial planning, forecasting, budget analysis and auditing. Bryan's leadership and oversight continues to assure fiscal responsibility, as Growth continues to grow and lead the coaching industry.

Kendrick Rankin

Alumni Director

Kendrick's 25+ years representing industry leading brands in consultative sales, includes directing, managing, and training teams to consistent success. His 6 years as a Certified High Performance Coach,  infectious personality and commitment to excellence make him a natural leader of one of Growth's most precious group of individuals, our Alumni Graduates. Through his leadership our alumni reach even greater heights.

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Brian Terry

HP Consultant Lead

Brian has over 20 years in consultative sales for industry leading brands. More than half of his career he has directed, managed, and trained  teams to their full potential. His kind, thoughtful and consistent approach to leadership defines what we call the Growth Heart. Whether it's our clients or our team members, he is committed to helping others to become their best selves .